Pool Safety Covers

Protect your pool with a winter cover. Safety covers are a safe and easy way to maintain your pool in the off-season.

Types of covers:

Light Mesh Covers
Light mesh safety covers, which are light and easy to handle, allow the most silt and sunlight to pass through. Our unique opening chemicals will clear your pool fast.

Dense Mesh Covers
Dense mesh safety covers have tighter, coarser weaves that allow less silt and sunlight to pass through. Water clarity at opening will be better than a light mesh cover.

All-Solid Safety Covers
All-solid safety covers are most effective in keeping the pool clean. Cover pumps are included to easily keep your cover free from water accumulation.

Solid Safety Covers with Drain Panels
Solid safety covers with drain panels afford extra protection while allowing water that would have accumulated on top, to go through the mesh panels.

Safety covers come in different varieties. Our knowledgeable staff will help you understand the benefits of all your options so that you can have a safe and carefree winter. At The Pool Company, we have been measuring and installing safety covers for 55 years and guarantee our measurements to fit properly. Our professional staff, personally measures and installs every cover.

We also carry solid covers and water tubes.

Call to learn more about which cover will best suit your needs.

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